Custom for Viviane Z

Custom for Viviane Z

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Custom notches 1.5” on the side panels. 



ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not accept returns on wood molds and silicone liners. There is a 20% chargeback for any cancellations, there are no exceptions to this policyThank you for your patience & understanding. 

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This wooden soap mold has been designed with removable sides. Notched at 1" for embed decorating. Sealed with lacquer. 

Birch Ply Wood, Sealed with oil 
Inside Liner Dimensions:  

Inner Liner Dimensions:

20.13” L x 2.56” W x 4”H

Can contain up to 7.5 pounds of soap

20.13” L x 2.56” W x 4”H
51.13cm x 6.50cm x 10.16cm =3376.62ML /3376.62 grams

19 BARS  1 inch

Country Of Origin: Canada, Quebec

*Blue Silicone Mold is included.


DISCLAIMER **Please note and verify the exact mold size prior to ordering. Video is for visual reference only. 

This mold was used & featured in these

YouTube videos :

Mrs. Margaret Connors

Warm and Fuzzy Soapery

Buttermint Soap Collaboration

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews Write a review