NEW Skull 2 Set (Acrylic) for 2.5 in x 4.5 in Winston & Walter Molds

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NEW design and process from the Skull Shaper & Cutter Set.

🍁 Made in Vancouver, Canada

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This Acrylic Soap Shaper Set is made for the:

Winston & Walter

A2 Beginner Mold with Lid & Liner 

B2 Beginner Mold with Lid & Liner


A1 Beginner Mold with Lid & Liner 

B1 Beginner Mold with Lid & Liner


Any silicone or silicone-lined mold with an internal width of 2.5 inches

⬆️ Grab the molds + liners from Winston & Walter (links above)


Skull Set Includes:

1 x Acrylic Skull Soap Shaper (double-sided)

1 x Acrylic Guide Bar Set (Universal)

1 x Acrylic Set of 5 Extruder Discs (18 mm)

1 x Acrylic Template Cover (2.5 in x 4.5 in)

1 x Workbook (PDF) with printable templates

This Soap Shaper Set is designed for cold process soap makers of all levels. An understanding cold process soap making, lye safety procedures, and working with soap dough is required.